This is one of the new ideas floating for 2016. Development will have a more holistic twist than ever and a strong trend is that it will become increasingly multidisciplinary. One of the reasons is conflict. The resurrection of scattered conflict around the globe makes mandatory an integrated approach that combines development and conflict analysis. The worrying scenario of increasing armed conflict since 2011 along with recent Terrorism and new forms of latent conflict has caused the highest level of migrants and uprooted population in decades so we need to incorporate security, migration and refugee policies into the development agenda. Confirming this trend not surprisingly the SDGs include one specific goal on peace and security that albeit obviously vague state this intention. In addition by recognizing that now more than 50% of extreme poor live in conflict-affected countries this shall only be possible if peace and security are combined in an integrated fashion with poverty analysis. The challenge is to promote aid as a conflict resolution tool with a peace-keeping approach, having in mind the overall idea that ultimately development cannot be addressed vertically in an isolated way.


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