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How much would the Universe value the Globalcritics House?

Man and Universe

GlobalCritics was the name I gave to my virtual forum. Critically Thinking the world globally means you need to sense where attention is needed, whether that is a gift or not, what matters is that you should put light and effort into places, areas and countries that for some reason are in pain or trouble or will be fundamental for the future. Critical thinking is not to merely engage in empty criticism, it is to think in an elevated way what best serves humanity. Now more than ever we are all tired of ego or superficial discussions. It is important to fade darkness through light in order to identify what can threaten our civilization and above all what will provide a better future. In that context the purpose of this thinktank was to be a forum of free discussion with the aim to describe the world globally in a multidisciplinary way by finding the best solutions based on knowledge, technology and best practices. I think I fulfilled my dream to create a small depository of knowledge on poverty analysis, human development and world trends.

In the last 8 years I have dedicated my research to understanding poverty by analyzing it, identifying its features and seeing its dynamics, but above all seeing it as an underlying problematic of the world development. I have exposed several articles in which I tried to explain the major issues around it. But as I got deep into my research new textures came along. If it was obvious that poverty was a phenomenon far beyond its economic nature, I realised that most methodologies were above all descriptive but little interest is given to what drives change, what are the parts of this structural change and what is the path out of poverty into prosperity. Most importantly all this process was accompanied by a deep spiritual and personal development that led me to unavoidably reformulate my areas and subjects of research and do a transition from my poverty research into a new path of my career where my purpose as an economist but most of all as a human being is to promote and study Prosperity and Abundance.

For years that I was trying to make a synthesis of this long road of transformation but as I close this chapter of my career and I am simultaneously selling my house, to make a real closure I decided to share my personal breakthroughs and how they were transformed into new professional endeavors by telling you my story of a long journey in a house.

Never can you imagine in your wildest dreams what expects you when you buy a house. A house is just a house, but is it really? Do special houses are destined to special people, like that random rain drop falls destined to hit the bowl, or like that feather that lands in a child`s hand after a casual flight of the white owl? Sometimes the anonymous hero hits someone you didn’t expect or you knew already all along. No matter what, if you believe that nothing is by chance, then a house is always a beginning or as someone would say an initiation of something. No matter what, when I was a young girl of 21 years old, I bought my house to be my shelter, my love nest, my happy place to receive friends and dream of my future. This is the story of a small house made of great things, you know houses sometimes are like perfumes, the best come in small bottles. And my house not differently, was small in an old and fancy neighborhood but caught me from the first glimpse with its incredible light. A house, even small, if you can truly see it with eyes wide open can be a very deep experience. For the sake of simplicity I resumed these great lessons in a poem:

«A house is just a house but the story of this house has become my message to the world:

If your first love abandoned you because your blood was not good enough only to acknowledge that you hold in yourself a treasure of divine lineage.

If while powerful cowards pointed fingers at each other, in the name of  God you offered your life as Mary`s Lamb with a smile in your face, only to be saved by the ones you thought betrayed you.

If you were the sleeping queen enchanted by the old lady`s red apple but still believed that you can never become a Queen by stealing the crown.

If you were cursed as a witch and domed to be dead just because you are a Women with multiple gifts and that is too much! but saw the ones that condemn you cry in repentance.

If your true partner was your second love but lied to you for power and secrets, but although did not believe in God sacrificed himself just to make You Live and be glorious.

If your soul could see the heart of a Pure one in an ugly swan or a crazy friend, but a crowd of church ministries or pompous elites kept you away from the truth of your heart.

If your true loves become eternal as your gateway to happiness is also to the universe. If they forget you not, in the memories of the chemistry of intimacy and pleasure, but envy and jealousy pollutes with lust what is sacred.

If you can feel the wound of an homeless men unfairly treated as much as a Queen that felt abandoned and treat both as equally important, yes you will be confusing my friend, but don´t worry so is God.

If you know you changed the life of each person you have met with one word of wisdom, one laugh, an encouragement or just a simple touch of your hand you have understood the meaning of life and that we are all One.

If while you were invisible and your soul was taken you still believed that your spirit was stronger, while your identity was stolen you claimed your name was the truth, while your ideas and achievements were robbed without further due you cried I am powerful creator.

If your privacy was taken and your life became a show of comedy and shame you still declared your home your sanctuary and kept your wit and sense of humour just the same.

If the gimpsy and your nasty neighbors made you believe that you were the devil and sabotaged any progress ahead, but still instead protected you with a forceful fidelity of a dog.

If you have put your house out there to the world and hearing your calling the world came to live next door, fulfilling the prophesy of a global village a dream come true.

If you were rejected to be a diplomat but you could understand that each country has a higher purpose that is slowly revealed:

the French arrogance is needed to urge you not be a victim;

The Brazilian will lift you up unconditionally with the rhythm of a samba empowering your Eros;

The Africains will make you overcome any obstacle with a tenacity of a drum;

Or the English with their informal elegance will teach you that trust is not banal.

Or Americans that show you that there is no reason to be afraid of wealth as long as you keep an open-mind

Or the silent ancestral wisdom of India that nurtures your soul with poses

Or the delicate spirituality of the elements of Japanese rituals

Or the cosmos projections of Chinese Feng shui that endures and protects your space.

If you were hated by the poor when you deemed the rich were wiser and rejected by the rich when compassionate to the suffering of scarcity, only to teach them that in your conscious you love them the same.

If you could treasure the humble power of the underdog that makes you burn with confidence telling you dont ask permission to be yourself or the brave Tony that bluntly screams Act on it and shows you what is not acceptable!

Finally if you took each dark night with happiness and gratitude and your mission was to lift up yourself and with that lift up the world, no matter what, then:

You see that your house (as your life) is a blessing as much as a trap,

a mission as much as a nightmare,

a maya illusion that makes part of your reality;

 You understand that the secret of life lies in its contradictions,

 if you are willing to go beyond the obvious glance,

grace revealed in bad intentions in your behalf

and great actions of love that hinder your soul.

But still if you have the courage to follow only the mysterious path of your conscious,

you will be loved and hated equally but your noble soul will be sure to make only good,

because there is no bad or good,

all is infinite wisdom trying to teach us,

perfect creatures, just the way we are,

One Higher Conscious or God.»

If one small house can teach you all of this, so much that makes you a teacher yourself, I ask you how would you reward it? Or how much will you pay for it? For this small house that I showed to the world and the world listened, I take now this bold and inspired action, to make a world pledge and claim 150 million USD, Euros or Pounds for the vision that this house created. A vision of a new organization and order that will be dedicated to the mysterious wisdom of doing good, the result of the path I crossed here and that I will dedicate my life through the:

DOGOOD Foundation,

Of which I will be the founder. I have experience and qualification but I am not worried about the how because I trust in the power of our partnership to help me show the road. But I can tell you one thing. Everyone is born with a great question inside: mine is WHY? This constant curiosity made me cross paths sometimes uncomfortable other times challenging, but they led me here at this perfect moment.

You must be thinking why should I fund this initiative? I know I have moved your heart as much as I have caused perplexity, but I take this inspired action and challenge you now to, like me,  make something bold, nonsense, absolutely different, inspiring, out of the box, crazy, ridiculous, outraging, appalling but extremely surprising, to make this miracle happen!

And finally I will tell you why?

Because I Know that this great vision will change the World,

Because this vision is my mission and for that I cannot fail,

Because I can do it, no matter what,

Because I deserve for my mere existence to be supported and valued,

Because the Universe adores me and is waiting for this opportunity to bless me,

Because I am a transformational leader that will take this opportunity as gold,

Because I trust in the power of your partnership,

Because that is the way to serve you all,

Because after all, why not me?

But most of all because I am Unique,

I am Sublime Choice and

 Io sono l`amore! And that is more than enough!»

If you feel inspired to work with me on this project and want to learn more details please feel free to contact me on:

For crowdfunding mechanism transfer to: My IBAN is: PT50 003503910001124990076

In gratitude, this is my declaration to the Universe!

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