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Each person behaviour affects more another because the World is more connected and interdependent than ever before, making each person a global intervenient.”

Post-2015 MDG Report.

First presented as a blog the Global Critics intends to be a Think-Tank  and a knowledge sharing platform on International Development with a critical pulse on global trends, thinking the world globally.

Poverty, Climate Change, Social Movements and Political Fragility are now global issues. The human community has evolved in such complexity that no problem shall find a solution if not addressed globally as well as the international community is urged to more than ever  reflect local and social needs in its action.


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I am a Development Economist specialised in Poverty Reduction in Africa with the following expertise:

  A. Professional Expertise
1. Strategy and Policy Analysis


  • Strategy Papers Drafting and Policy Analysis and Implementation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of country’s Macro-economic performance. Follow Up of Government’s Development Agenda particularly in the following subjects: Public Financial Management, State Budget Analysis and Revenue Mobilisation/Tax administration Reforms.
  • General Budget support programmes to Mozambique.
  • Inter-governmental dialogue and negotiations regarding aid in Mozambique.
  • Policy Dialogue with Multilateral and Bilateral donors in the context of  PAP’s Troika structure with the G19 members in several working groups.
  • Revenue Mobilisation and Tax Administration Reforms (Plans for Modernising Tax Administration and its connections with Doing Business).
2. Poverty Analysis


  • Absolute Poverty Measurements Methodologies.
  • Study of Extreme Poverty and Ultra-poor
  • Analysis of Micro-economic Determinants of Poverty Reduction
  • Expertise in Household Living Standard Surveys. (HLSS Mozambique)
  • Knowledge of Poverty Dynamics namely good understanding of Transitory and Chronic Poverty
  • Additional Poverty Monitoring and Research Methodologies such as MPI, Panel Data and Random Trials Experience Techniques.
  B. General Consultancy Services
3. Programming and Project Management


  • Report Drafting of Country Strategies and Sector Analysis
  • Development Policy and Strategy Consulting
  • Identification and Feasibility Studies
  • Formulation of project design
  • Management and Implementation of project cycle
  • Implementation of Monitoring Systems
  • Evaluation Analysis of Projects and Country Evaluations
  • Impact Analysis and Measurement
4. Training and Capacity Building


  • Training and workshops organiser and/or moderator
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Organisational and Human Resources Development
  • Change Management
  • Capacity Development

The views in this blog are personal opinions and therefore to not bind responsibility to any organisation.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing the site has no copy/paste restrictions or additional plugins however the content is protected under international rules of copyright and trademarks. Do not forget that plagiarism is not a form of flattering, referencing is, so please if reproduced kindly reference it with the following Harvard Referencing System:
Author Surname, Author Initial. (Year Published). Title. [online] Available at: [Accessed Date].
In case you need to contact me please use:

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